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My Review of Black Diamond Trail Back Trekking Poles - Pair

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The Black Diamond Trail Back trekking poles feature ultralight shafts and double FlickLock adjustability for ease of use.

No problems

By Too-Poor-4-REI from Delavan, WI on 2/13/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Strong, Lightweight

Best Uses: Backpacking, Hiking

Describe Yourself: Casual/ Recreational

What Is Your Gear Style: Minimalist

Four years ago I thought trekking poles were a silly idea. A lot can change in four years. I started to find that descents were causing me some pretty significant discomfort. I, like other hikers, find the ascents to be much more pleasant than descents. Trekking poles make all the difference!

I've had these poles for about 2 1/2 years now, and I love them. Before these poles I had a cheaper twist-lock type of pole with an anti-shock mechanism. The cheap poles only lasted for one trip. I didn't like the twist-lock and I didn't like the anti-shock mechanism.

The flick-locks on these poles have never slipped on me. They have saved me more than once from taking a spill. I'm no lightweight at 6'2 and about 230. I've had one of these poles support my whole weight in an "OH MY WORD!" situation and it didn't even shrug.

I tried to use a cleaned up form of the s-word up there in place of "MY WORD", but the REI anti-profanity stormtroopers didn't care for it.

I've found that I like having poles when crossing creeks on slippery logs. I think I have a case of "slippery-log performance anxiety" because I'm pretty good at staying on my feet and maintaining balance until I need to cross some water.

I bought the "Trail Back" poles over the "Trail" poles because the Trail Backs have replaceable carbide tips.

Trail Back poles, and poor person's homemade pack


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